A small but experienced team set out to improve flexible workforce management.

Strong focus and big visions

Experiential marketing is a fast growing industry. Consumers expect authentical experiences and seek to connect with brands. 70% of purchase decision are made in-store making it crucial to meet the consumer face to face.

Brands know this and invest in sampling campaigns, roadshows and experiential events, none of which can be performed without event and promotion staff. Talking to agencies and other key players within this field we quickly learned managing event staff was done through old proprietary platform or simply through classic email, facebook groups and excel.

We build Reppio to unify event staff management in one platform making it easy for managers and their staff to do what they do best; create and execute experiences!

Who we are

Behind reppio is a small experienced team with a background in technology, marketing and staff scheduling. Our team is backed by a wide range of advisors providing relevant input as well as connections to the industry.

With our combined experience and knowhow we saw an opportunity to greatly improve the processes around flexible workforce management and in December 2017 we took the first steps on this journey.

Reppio was launched April 2018 and we already see the platform providing great value to a wide range of customers and we are super excited about bringing it even further.

Leveraging knowledge and digital craftsmanship we believe we are in a unique position to change the industry standards.

“The most userfriendly and intuitive platform on the market”
Christian, World of Adventure A/S